Why are Australia and Canada the preferred destination for Indian students?

In recent years, there has been a trend where most Indian students are going abroad to study in Australia and Canada. Students are turning from the USA and United Nations to other countries like Australia and Canada to study abroad.  

What could be the reason behind it?  

The USA has always been the preferred top destination for Indian students who want to add a foreign degree to their resume. But due to multiple constraints like strict visa requirements, depreciation of the Indian rupee, and lack of job opportunities, this trend is slowly reversing.  

In fact, students are now turning their attention to other options, like the top universities in Canada. According to a recent survey, it was revealed that about 46% of Indian parents were considering sending their child abroad- preferably to Australia and Canada. The number of students enrolling in science and technology courses is increasing year by year. 

Several factors have come into play to lure Indian students to the shows in Australia and Canada. The reason is- a broad range of interdisciplinary programs offered by the top universities in Canada and Australia and the stay-back opportunities of getting the right jobs have caught the fancy of the students.  

Here are the top 5 reasons why Indian students are now preferring Australia and Canada as study abroad destinations over the US: 

1. Huge Options to Choose From 

When you study in Australia and Canada, you may find that it is home to some of the most distinguished educational institutions in the world. These universities are equipped with world-class infrastructure and research facilities and offer students a wide range of courses. 

Universities in Canada and Australia offer courses ranging from traditional STEM courses to management programs. Students get various options depending on their interests and expertise.  

2. Post-study work permit 

This is one of the most important aspects when a student decides to go abroad to study. Usually, students have to take education loans which they can easily repay if they get a job in that foreign country. Studying in Australia and Canada can apply for a post-study work permit, which is a great opportunity unavailable in most countries. 

Students who study in Australia can easily apply for a post-study work visa which is quite simple. Students studying in top universities in Canada are eligible for a work permit for 3 years if they have finished their master's degree. 

3. Permanent residency 

Students studying in Australia and Canada have also found that they can easily apply for permanent residency in that country. Students who go to study in Australia require a few qualifications to apply for the PR program. Whereas for students studying in Canada- the newly reformed express entry program has been a major influence in attracting Indian students to study there. 

4. Safe environment 

There have been some cases of racial crimes in Australia and Canada, but these countries are really safe for international students. You will find that the cities here are cosmopolitan, with residents of various cultures coming together to welcome the foreigners. The governments of these countries are also open to all nationals and promote cultural diversity and unity. 

5. Affordability 

Besides these important factors, the major reason Indians opt to study in Australia and Canada is the affordability. Compared to the USA and UK, you may find that the tuition fees and the cost of living together are relatively cheaper. 

Both these countries offer many opportunities to the students, and therefore Australia and Canada have become preferred destinations for Indian students.  


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